Our Wee Jeanie

9 months old and already the head of the household  is our wee Jeanie, our beautiful daughter and resident gannet. The toughest part of this job will be keeping her from eating all the food before we can even unpack it.

Favourite Veg – Carrots to help me see in the dark when I’m keeping my parents up all night.

Favourite Fruit – Blueberries with yoghurt, in porridge, all over my face, mashed into the sofa…I can’t get enough blueberries


I’ve been in the food game my whole life. From street food to running the Mussel Men restaurant in Dalston and more recently with a small catering company focussing on liquid nitrogen desserts! With frozen treats not the hot ticket at the moment I jumped at the chance to use my produce knowledge and contacts to bring some much needed support for suppliers and the local community during these tough times…nothing to do with being isolated with my wife and child of course!!

Favourite Veg – Celeriac

Favourite Fruit – Scottish Raspberries…for a boozy Cranachan!


Mainly bosses Robin about giving him endless instructions and attempting to keep things organised. Normally found trying to entertain a 9month old baby who has recently decided she can’t be more than two centimetres away from her at any time! Very good at doing tasks with one hand.

Favourite Veg – Aubergine, BBQ’d with parsley and breadcrumbs YUM!

Favourite Fruit – Winter Nelis Pears

New Recruits

We set up wee Jeanie’s after Robin, like so many others, lost his livelihood as a result of the Covid crisis.

As the business grows we are dedicated to hiring locals who’ve also found themselves in the same position.

We are passionate about supporting local businesses and are in talks with other suppliers to create a community food hub that delivers everything you need to your door. Watch this space for new additions…

We take your safety seriously

We work out of our commercial kitchen in Seven Sisters and make sure that we adhere to the highest food safety standards. As a member of NCASS, Robin is up to date with all the latest recommendations for those handling food in the current climate and keeping everyone safe is always our priority.